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Parents are mortified as gorillas mate in front of kids at zoo


Parents have been left rather red-faced after a fun trip to the zoo ended with children learning all about the birds and the bees as a pair of gorillas gave a practical demonstration.

Going to the zoo can often be an educational experience for kids and adults alike as we really get a close look at animals that we don't encounter day to day.

But one thing that should never be forgotten is that animals don't hold themselves to the same standards as we humans do, so they can't be blamed if they act upon their urges.

For example, you'd presumably never see two people getting down and dirty in public (unless they're okay with being arrested), but two gorillas in a zoo have no issue doing it in front of an audience.

This is exactly what happened to unsuspecting families as they enjoyed a day out before a male gorilla got into an incredibly deep squat that gymnasts would struggle to hold.

How the pair propositioned each other is unclear, but the video shows little to no discussion or foreplay before they get right down to it.

Viewers were left struggling between giving the mating apes their privacy, or watching as nature took its course in front of them.

At one point a mother can be heard telling her child: "I don't know if you know, but this is how babies are made." Turning the sexual display into a learning experience was quick thinking.

The video gets even more bizarre when a young gorilla - who seems unfazed by the entire thing - decided to get a closer look at what was going on.

The young ape got up close and personal, staring directly into the large gorilla's rear end to get a view that even binoculars wouldn't allow.

Though, placing a hand on the gyrating bottom of the male gorilla was either wildly inappropriate or a wonderful show of support as the family could be about to get even larger.

The whole thing only lasted a couple of minutes and there were no post-relation cuddles as both parties walked off as if nothing happened.

Nature truly is wonderful, isn't it?